True Self

I bought this place, two months ago, and then I left it.

There were many reminders to come back –

I was inspired by advice I gave to someone about her career, and her own personal growth. Being in a position to provide guidance is rare because it has to be given to you, so when it was presented to me, I took it without a second thought. I was excited at the future that I saw for her. My answer was a description of a person of maturity, self-awareness, humility, and intelligence. I believed in it so much that I wanted to fight for it.

I started this blog to share this vision with other people.

I wrote down ideas for things that I thought others might want to hear about or learn that I could provide insight. Every so often I would come back to my notes and add a phrase or two to remind me of another paragraph I might write, or another post I could start.

This kept on for weeks, until today.

Today I realized that I did not want to write. I had taken to heart my presumed creed that if I could help just one person, then I would be content.

It was a creed born out of fear. It was an ideal that was proclaimed by my Shadow, and not my true self.

In reality, I thought that I had no credentials, and there was no reason for anyone to listen to me. There were many more voices out there that had better insight and that managed to satisfy all of those people looking for guidance, or maybe even just an ear.

Just as with all Shadows, however, they reflected the truth that I am now able to see clearly after accepting it…

There will be someone out there who might wander into this place and find comfort in my words. There will be an insight that I might discover that could only be born out of the unique combination of experience that sums up my life so far. There will come a time when I would have the credentials for people to listen, and to bring that time closer to the present, I must begin building that future.

This post is going to come out without sharing or other fanfare (contrary to what I had originally envisioned) as tribute to the individuals who have followed me here even when there was nothing.

This will be a place of growth. I hoped to write this for your sake, but I realize now that it may very well be for mine.

  • Chase

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